Brett plays with Dogal's Diamante strings 

I have played a countless number of different strings and found my home at Dogal.  These strings give me the warmth of nylon along with the power and projection of carbon.  It is the most balanced string I have ever played.


The innovation of these new strings consists in the addition of carbon fibers to the traditional nylon in the monocore trebles. The addition of kevlar and carbon fibers to the traditional nylon in the multi-strand core of the basses. All this brought several advantages: brightness, without loss of durability, long sustain, richness of harmonics having at the same time a foundation well denoted. A further advantage is the excellent stability of tuning. These strings represent the dream of every guitar player: reaghing that expressiveness obtained only by a personal touch to which the strings must not be of obstacle but of help.A last advantage is that, thanks to these innovative materials, the tension reduces to only 7.7 kg in the extra-strong version down to 6.6 kg for the extra-soft version leaving so the instrument top free to vibrate correctly.